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Why should you even trust us?

A life coach needs to know life, right?

How can you trust someone who does not understand you? Right?

How can you trust someone who has not experienced the hard knocks of life come and tell you how to live yours?

How does a qualification and a printed certificate proving you are a life coach give you the right to tell me how to live MY life and how to overcome MY obstacles? RIGHT AGAIN?

You are absolutely right!

That is why we, my wife and I, can honestly say, “We understand.”

Here is why, in a nutshell…

A few years ago, I was completely down in the dumps, sitting on the beach with my only possessions being the clothes on my back. Today I am married to a beautiful wife, who is also my business partner. We have several successful businesses. Here they are in a nutshell: My wife and I started a business from the ground up with ABSOLUTELY NO MONEY! I am a successfully published author on crime and criminal behavior. I am the author and supplier of a full range of firearm learning material to several training providers across the country. This makes me one of only a handful of lead service providers on firearm training providers across the country. I provide guidance, motivation, mentoring and a full accreditation plan to new and existing providers. due to our professional value added service, we are the sought after provider by some of the major security companies in the country.

We worked hard to establish a successful business with many facets in just over 4 years. Today, we are the directors of 4 companies, among others, the International Confederation of Firearms Instructors.

Both my wife and I have been through a lot of bad spots in our lives, before and after we met. This in turn, allowed us to grow into the people we are today. Successful in all areas of our lives. Yes, we do have hiccups and stumble blocks, but we works through them to achieve success at the other end.

Many people cross our path on a regular basis, ans since we are oozing positivity, no-one leaves unchanged. Not even us.

So, why should you trust either me or my wife as your life coach?

We know the hardships. We have experienced most of them. (One day we will tell you our story).

My wife and I both have counselled many who knocked on our door over the years. Today, we are both qualified Life Coaches as well as Cognitive Behavioral Therapists. Our extensive client base stretches far beyond borders. Many of our clients communicate via phone or email.

We are not saying that we are better than anyone else (or any other life coach or psychologist, doctor, etc.) What we do know: We understand depression, Post Traumatic Stress, hurt from the past, negativity, any many more. We have overcome them all! The new ones? We will overcome them too.

Our journey with you will be an exciting one, for all of us. Journey with us as you discover the perosn you are meant to be!