Why am I writing this blog?

It has been a while now that I felt led to write a blog.  My husband and I are Ordained Ministers. Our calling though, is not to preach from the pulpit, but to tell people the truth. Train disciples. Help to forge them in becoming what they are born to be and help themselves.  There are many people that do not go to church because… 

Many got hurt somehow by a church member, a youth leader, a Pastor or other church leaders.  Many people who followed Jesus once, now sit at home every Sunday, not reading their Bible anymore, not praying. They just gave up on God.

Maybe they did not give up on God, but they don’t know how to serve Him anymore.

Maybe you never went to church.  Maybe you have only seen Christians and said: ‘If this is what a Christian is like, then I don’t want to be one”. 

As a woman, a mom, a sister, a daughter and aunt, I passionately feel that us ladies need to connect. I want you to know that there are real Christians out there. There are people who really care. I want to tell you that it is okay to not always be on top of everything, to cry, to fail and to reach out to someone.  I want to tell you that we all go through difficulties and struggles in our lives. Pressures of life and families can sometimes get the better of us, but we can lift each other up, encourage each other and be there for each other without judging. 

In my blog I am going to share some stories about my life, to show you where I come from and how I got where I am today, to show you that anything is possible to the one who believes and that we can do all things through Him who strengthens us.  I did not want to become a Minister or a Life Coach when I was younger, that was not at all my dream for my life.

Did they even exist then?

 In fact, my focus was on other things, I did not even consider God in any of my plans when I was younger.

God had plans for my life!

I did not know it then, but as I made wrong decisions in life (and believe me, I made plenty), lots and lots of school fees had been paid to the “School of Hard Knocks” over the years. I still carry the scars to prove it. I realized that my wrong decisions and my failures were all part of my shaping.  I had to be shaped into the person that God wanted me to be before He could use me. 

We all have a purpose in life.

A purpose for God. 

He created us to glorify Him. 

How do we glorify Him? 

By becoming the person that God intended us to be.  By sharing my past, my failures, my successes and thoughts with you, I am hoping that you will find your purpose. 

I hope that my journey will encourage you. Not to only seek the truth and your intended purpose, but also to show you that not one of us are perfect. 

We… All…Make…Mistakes!

We all make mistakes. We will continue to make mistakes in the future.

But if we have a relationship with Christ, we can overcome anything and use our failures to glorify Him.

If you have a friend that you think would be inspired by my blog, please share it. Let’s inspire as many as we can.