Life Coach? I don’t need a Life Coach!

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You: “YES ! You heard me! Who needs a life coach? DUH!

Me: “Are you sure?

You: “Off course, life coaching is for losers!”

Me: “Oh, how wrong you are! Here is why:”

When I say: “Success”, what is the first word that comes to mind?


Money makes the world go around.

Money = status

Money = influence

I suppose that is true, in a sense. But what if there is more?

What about your relationship with others?

What about the emptiness you feel inside even with all the money?

Are you content? Let me rephrase… Are you satisfied with your life right now? ALL OF IT?

Why a life coach?

Why should you get someone to tell you what to do, right?

Have you ever thought about what you will see if you had to look at yourself from the outside? From another point of view?

What would you see?

Yes, you are in a CEO position and money is good. What about your relationships with your family at home? Your spouse? What about your relationship with your staff? If your relationship with your staff improve, will that boost their performance?

And in turn, how will that relieve stress at work, which in turn leaves you more relaxed to come home in a better mood? How will THAT affect your relationship with your spouse?

Maybe you are standing at the crossroads of life with one the biggest decisions you must make.

Am I good enough?

Maybe you are sitting in the gutter right now and the side is to high to climb out. Maybe you are in a long tunnel without light. You do not see any exits, no escape… and the only light you will see is probably a freight train coming from the front.

Is your marriage falling apart?


So, why am I here?

Maybe you are divorced and now need to pick up the pieces. Will God forgive you? YES!

You need to put your life back together, whatever the reason, right?


You need to breathe NEW LIFE into your hopes and dreams. You need to rekindle those hopes and dreams.

We are here to journey with you to develop yourself to become the ACHIEVER YOU WERE BORN TO BE!

Are you content with your life right now?

My wife and I (that’s right. She is my partner and an achiever with the gift of motivating others in the worst of times) are here to walk beside you when you need support, walk in front of you when you need guidance, and walk behind you when you need a push or a boost to carry on.

Maybe you are already successful, and you just need a little tweaking, sanding or refinement to grow into the achiever you were created to be. YES, everyone is born to achieve.

Now, to achieve and be an overcomer does not necessarily mean MONEY. It means a lot more…

  1. You can see your goals and know what they are, but it just remains out of reach…

Setting a goal is just a thought (like buying the seed from the market), now you must take the next step and prepare the soil, plant the seed and water it. The goal? Apples! An apple tree! Sometimes you just need the assistance and guidance to help you plant the seed you have in your cupboard. You will never harvest apples if the seed remains in the cupboard. We are here to inspire you, guide you and encourage you.

There is no YOUTUBE video on how to be YOU. So, you cannot just go on Youtube quickly to see what you should do next. But we are here to help you figure YOU out.

  • Am I good enough?

How many times have you asked yourself that question?

Or don’t you dare?

Throughout life you have heard that you just aren’t good enough. Not good enough for your spouse, hence the divorce. So, he/she told you it is your fault.

You could never really get out of the starting gate, because something in your past has been holding you back, but you just can’t put your finger on it.

  • Anxiety and stress

Stress is probably one of the sneakiest “illnesses” ever. It will slowly cling on to you at first, small, unrecognizable. Almost like an empty backpack. Then it starts to grow. It starts to fill up with small pebbles. One by one. Then, the pebbles themselves start to grow in the   backpack. Pebbles: work, spouse, kids, time, tick..tock…tick…tock, time is money, tick..tock.   Deadlines! Meeting sales targets! Children! Dinner! Tick…tock…tick…tock… Does it ever stop?

                Why is a day only 24 hours!?

 You need support. Groups aren’t your thing. You need encouragement and a plan. You need to find YOU in this whole mess.

  • Where do I start?

How many times have you asked that question in the past? You had a plan but are blinded by the stumbling block in front of you that looks like Everest. The odds seem overwhelming and giving up is much easier. Yes, giving up is easier. But living with the regret for the rest of your life is not! We give you the nudge to take the first step toward the exciting journey of climbing the mountain.

  • Have you pushed your own goals and dreams into the corner cupboard so you can focus on everyone else’s dreams?

Are you trying to silence the inner call for being who you were meant to be?

  • Relationships

The referee calls you to the middle of the ring…Your opponent is staring you down. He is much bigger and stronger than you. The incredible Hulk looks like a toddler compared to him. Life! He is a worthy opponent.

Relationships… The one thing that affects all you do, become or achieve.

Who is in your corner?

The relationship with everyone around you has a great affect on YOUR LIFE! That’s right, it does, at the end of the day also affect your work, performance, income, achievements and EVERYTHING ELSE. How is your relationship with:

  1. Yourself
  2. Your spouse of partner
  3. Children
  4. Colleagues or employees

Can you fix it? Let us guide and support you. Is it better to break off a relationship in any of the above? Sometimes. If so, when should I and how? Let’s find out what is best together. I cannot tell you what I did and guarantee that it will work for you. That is why it is called a journey.

  • Remove the clutter from your life.

 Clutter has a nasty way of complicating your life. Just try and find a lid to the Tupperware container in your cupboard. Is there some clutter or noise you need to get rid of? What is it   that prevents you from achieving?

  • Hope is a hopeless word…

NO, it is not!

It all depends on who supports you in your quest to finding YOU. Hope is real! Hope is a starting point! Hope is your friend, encourager, support. Hope is your biggest fan!

All hope lost? Let’s find it. Together…

Why us?

Because we are us. My wife and I take great joy in seeing and sharing the success of others. All through our life, we both believed in climbing the ladder to success. BUT, not by stepping on the heads of others, but by climbing one step at a time and then reaching down to pull up the others. We thrive on the success of others. You see, your success water our seeds. We constantly plant seeds and nurse each one to success. Unfortunately, some landed on poor soil or got pushed out by weeds. But we need to do the homework, we need to find the good soil, the right time to plant and the right time to water.

We are different, my wife and I. You see, every person is uniquely and wonderfully made. That includes every life coach and Cognitive Behavioral Therapist or psychologist out there. Everyone is different and unique. Every one of the above has a different and unique way of guiding and doing things.

It is because of this that we can say we are different and do things differently.


People want a difference. Here is what you need to know… You cannot keep doing the same thing over and over and expect different results each time! We are also not here to stand on the side-line and cheer on your same thing routine. We are not here to sugar-coat everything you need to hear. We are here to help you become the achiever you were born to be!

Want to make a difference? Start with YOU! TODAY!

We are with you all the way. We can be only a blogpost, email or phone call away. Your choice. Either way, we are by your side. Or behind you. Or in front of you.

Join us now. Become part of your winning team.

People come to us asking guidance at work (or other)… and transform into achievers in all parts of their life!

Stay with us…

I am not saying that, as a life coach, I am Mr. Know-it-all. Nor am I saying my wife has all the answers. BUT…

Apart from the school of life, we studied for life coach and Cognitive Behavioral Therapist (and still study more and more so that we are able to assist you better and understand better). Yes, we study continuously so that we can grow continuously. I also have a passion for adult education and am a successful author in other subjects. We both are also Ordained Ministers. We serve internationally. You are welcome to verify our credentials at the Christian Leaders Alliance here: . That’s correct, but we do not serve only a specific doctrine or a specific denomination. You see, the outcome is more important to us. We are not going to shove religion down your throat! We are not forcing you to believe one denomination and reject the other. We are not here to judge you if you are any other religion. What I am saying is; we understand the spiritual side. We constantly study “the spiritual side” of life to know more about the forces that we (you and I) cannot control, (and be able to change what we can) and how it affects your life, whether you are Christian or not. We strive to understand how certain behaviors of our ancestors, word spoken in the past, history, and the truth (the real truth and nothing but the truth) affects who we are and why things happen or don’t happen in our lives. Apart from just ordained ministers, we strive to know more. We seek the truth. We fight in the front lines!


So, apart from all this: ordained ministers, cognitive behavioral therapists, life coaches, blah-blah-blah.. we strive to understand how you think and why. We strive to know what forces (and other things) affect your thinking and behavior, and so understand better how to accompany you on the most exciting journey ever…

The journey of being YOU and who you were born to be!

So, do not forget. JOIN NOW. See here for details.