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Joining our membership grants you full access to our blogs, research posts which will also assist you on you journey, but has the following benefits:

Option 1 Member: Continuous access to our newsletters and blog posts. Our blog posts will address the issues experienced by other clients, but will keep all identities confidential. Many people experience life obstacles similar to yours, but never talk about it. Maybe you are one who does not want to talk to someone right off the bat. This option allows you to still benefit from the discussions without the personal meeting. Do not forget: The blog posts and newsletters are very intuitive and provide great constructive contents you can read and cherish in your own time. Monthly cost: $20

Option 2 Member: Together with all the benefits of Option 1, we provide continuous personal e-mail conversations with our life coaches which allow us to focus on your personal needs at the fraction of the cost of a face-to-face meeting or regular phone calls. Monthly Cost: $50

Option 3 Member: All benefits of Option 1 & 2, but you have the advantage of a scheduled conversations of 30 min phone or Skype conversation every 2 weeks, or even a face-to-face where needed and possible. Monthly Cost: $100